About Michael DeYoung Photography

I see photography as a beautiful form of visual communication. Successful photographers differentiate themselves by having a recognizable and appealing style and a clear personal vision. Getting there involves learning the art of simplicity. Simplifying leads to greater clarity of vision which strengthens the core visual message. Simplicity is not simple or easy to do. The process can be time consuming, complex or technically challenging and take years to achieve.

Michael DeYoung is a commercial outdoor location photographer specializing in adventure travel, landscape,  active lifestyle photography - especially of Alaska, New Mexico, and the western United States.  He is based primarily out of Taos New Mexico, but still returns to his previous residence of 18 years to Anchorage Alaska every year.

Our focus is on the outdoor experience, emphasizing having fun with minimal impact and a healthy lifestyle. We focus on what we call "accessible wilderness" and strive to show everyday people in extraordinary places, such as our backyard.  Our images intend to inspire people to get out, to live an active outdoor lifestyle,  and to visit locations our images visually promote.

Michael DeYoung Photography provides assignment photography services for advertising, editorial, and corporate uses as well as licensing stock.  Please visit our portfolio web site for recent projects.

Michael also teaches photography workshops.  More information about our photo workshops and schedule can be found at DeYoung Outdoor Photography Workshops


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